ZOOMIn2 is about taking photographs of your special space, or a place you are passionate about.  We are looking for natural areas in Tayside, not buildings or people.  We want to know which green spaces or natural heritage features you find important.  The photographs you take each month will form a timelapse record showing the different seasons of your one special place.

So – what do I do?  Find something you want to study through the seasons – it could be an apple tree, a view across the park, a school pond, sand dunes by a beach, the care home patio, a far-reaching country view or even a special shrub next to your garage!  Find a marker or something you can easily return to every month to frame your photo – so that each photo is the same every time – and then take your first photo (follow the instructions below on what to do next).  In a month’s time, take your second photo of exactly the same thing, and then a third month, and so on. You may not notice much difference at first, but when it becomes a timelapse, you will be astonished how the seasons change everything!

How do I enter my pictures?
All you have to do to enter is

  1. Select on image from your computer (image size 15cm x 20cm @180 dpi or 1063 pixels x 1417 pixels or around 1.5mb)
  2. Email it to web@ZoomIn2.co.uk  with your name and a short description of your image. We do not have an automatic upload feature for security reasons.
  3. Your image will be added to the 2019 Gallery.
  4. Your own page will be created for you and your page will be populated with your monthly images